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9-Hole League information

The league plays 9 holes on Tuesday mornings, alternating between Monona Golf Course and Yahara Hills Golf Course. Tee times start at 7 A.M. and end at 8:45 A.M. Play begins in May and concludes in August. The 9-hole league's home course is Monona Golf Course located on Monona Drive.

Players pay for 9 holes of golf individually on the day of play. Members may walk or ride, but golf carts are extra. Both Yahara and Monona give our members a discount on golf for members who have purchased a Madison Parks Loyalty card. Members must play a minimum of 10 weeks in a season to be in contention for tournament prizes.

9 hole rosters are available for signup up three weeks in advance on play days to accommodate members' schedules. Players are encouraged to sign up with friends or branch out and meet new members by signing up where slots allow. Every Tuesday the league awards prizes to the best golfer in flights A, B and C. Every other week we offer fun golf challenges called "Play of the Day".

Scores are kept during play and handed in at the end of the game. Once you've handed in five scores you will be assigned to a flight, based on your handicap. The 9-hole league has three flights: A, B and C. New members sign up with their "best guess" for their handicap and play in that flight until one is established.

New members are welcome! Please call Sharon 608-221-5703.

18-Hole League Information

The WMGA 18-hole league plays on Tuesday mornings at Odana Hills and Yahara Hills public golf course, alternating golf courses each week. Tee times start at 7:30 AM and members can sign up online three weeks in advance. Players are encouraged to arrive  30 minutes ahead of their tee time in case of changes in the tee order. Play begins in May and concludes in August. 

If a member is a hostesses for that day, she will need to be there by 7:00 AM for setting up the score sheets. Members will pay the course for their cart and golf. No pre-pays are required, only a membership/handicap fee of $45..

The league plays in three flights (A, B, C) as determined by handicaps. Individual handicaps are based on a minimum of 5 current golf scores. If a member does not have an established handicap, just sign up with one of the designated flights according to your perceived skill level. A handicap will be established after the 5 scores are turned in. Members are responsible for entering scores in the computer at the course or on-line using your personal computer. The 18-hole league's home course is Odana Hills. Each member's handicap fee is included in the $45 league dues.

Think you might want to play? Call Bev at 608-575-1523 with more questions. All are welcome.


Hostess Chair:          Barb Morton    838-4276    [email protected]

A.    Setup
1.    Hostess should arrive at 7 a.m. (Clubs should be on a cart and hostess should be ready to golf at this point.) 
        NOTE:  On days when play is cancelled, hostess duties and the Play of the Day are also cancelled.
2.    Get the hostess supply box from the locker room.
3.    Obtain the day’s roster sheet from the pro shop. The golf course will print a copy for the hostess, a copy for the treasurer, 
         and a copy for the course to keep track of players as they pay their green fees.
4.    Place the Play of the Day schedule in a place that easily can be seen by members.
5.    Determine course conditions with the pro shop and communicate special rules (i.e., lift, clean and place) to the members before play.

B.    Golf Play and Report Sheets
1.    Check in arriving members by putting a check mark by their name on the hostess roster sheet. Pre-printed flight sheets
        (which are updated monthly) are provided for recording scores. Put a check mark by the member’s name on the pre-printed
        recording sheet as well. (Two check marks for each playing member.)
2.    Occasionally a member will need to be moved to another flight due to a change in handicap. If so, write in her name on the correct
       flight sheet and cross her name off the incorrect flight sheet.
3.    Be prepared to advance players to fill foursomes.
4.    Hostess should re-pair groups as needed to make foursomes and to keep tee times filled.
5.    Mark ‘No Shows’ on the hostess roster sheet.
6.    Hostess will continue to get all groups out and then play in the last group off the tee.

C.    Player Responsibilities
1.    Each member/foursome is responsible for checking in with the hostess.
2.    Each member is responsible for paying their green fees to the pro shop.
3.    Each member/foursome is responsible for recording their scores when they are finished.
4.    Each member/foursome is responsible for recording their own chip-ins, birdies and Play of the Day scores.

D.    Post Golf
1.    When hostess finishes her 18 holes, she will determine low gross winners for each flight for ESTABLISHED HANDICAP MEMBERS.
2.    Current handicap sheet will be in the hostess box.

E.    Closing Up
1.    Pre-printed flight sheets are usually picked up by Gigi Coleman (Tournaments) and Cindy Klein (Play of the Day). 
       If no one is there to collect the sheets, put them in the hostess box.
2.    Pick up the copy of the roster sheet from the pro shop.
3.    Give the hostess roster sheet and copy from the pro shop to Sylvia Krepski, Treasurer. If she is not at the course,
        leave them in the hostess box.
4.    Put away the hostess box.
5.    Call MADISON NEWSPAPERS between 5:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. to notify them of the flight winners for newspaper publicity.
       The direct line to the Sports Desk is 608-252-6170. Report low gross winners in each flight.
       METHOD PREFERRED BY PAPER: Email them the names and scores at [email protected] but also call to confirm
       receipt of the information.


YAHARA                                                                  ODANA

May 7      Gloria Prosa                                           May 14    Peg Carlson

May 21    Mary Earll                                               May 28    Jean Bisenius

June 4      Dawn Olson    Fun Day                        June 11    Margie Weigle

June 18    Pat Otte                                                  June 25    Lisa Armstrong

July 2        Suzie Coutré                                          July 9    Barb Morton

July 16      Mary Ley                                                July 23    Alice Mann

July 30      Linda Novy                                            August 6    Dale Grimm

August 13  Sally Weidemann                               August 20    Jane Stein

August 27   Outing / Year End Banquet
                     Pleasant View Golf Course

Sub Volunteers:  Gigi Coleman, Kathy Neher, Karen Steffes, Leslie Wolfgram

Note:  Each hostess is responsible for finding a replacement in the event she is unable to be
there.  If a change is made, please notify Barb Morton and Tam Flarup.